About Turbulent

Turbulent is a green-tech company dedicated to the development of vortex water turbines that generate energy through hydropower in rivers and canals with minimal height differences of 1.5 meters to 5 meters per turbine. 

Turbulent’s 100% green technology is accessible, cost-effective and more reliable than other renewable energy sources since it is available around the clock and all year round. Moreover, its impact on the surrounding environment is next to nothing. 

Turbulent was founded in 2015 by Geert Slachmuylders (CTO), Jasper Verreydt (CEO) and Luc Berben (COO) . And while the green-tech company’s headquarters are located in Leuven, Belgium, its operations span the globe. Turbulent currently has projects in Chile, Taiwan, the Philippines, France, Indonesia, Portugal, Estonia and the United States. Turbulent has won several prizes and awards including the EU Seal of Excellence, Best-start-up-in-the-world, MIT innovator under 35 and Future of Logistics. Turbulent was also awarded with the Horizon 2020 Grant, the premier league of tech and innovation funding.

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